Opaque – dining in the dark

Author: Denise Masino
March 22, 2010

I had the pleasure of dinning in the dark this weekend. When I say the dark, what I really mean is pitch blackness. Darkness so thick and real that you cant see the hand in front of your own face. Opaque is a restaurant in LA located in the V lounge. It’s a place where your waiter is fantastic and also happens to be blind. Need less to say, this was a fine dinning experience like no other I have ever experienced. A place that teaches you what it’s like to rely on your sense of hearing, touch, smell and taste alone. It’s hard to explain how mind opening it was to spend a couple of hours this way. It made me realize how much I like looking at my food and how much fun it could be to dip my fingers in soft butter (accidentally). Opaque, helping you see life in a whole new way, what an amazing concept! xoxo Denise – ps: I would have included pictures but of course it was way to dark 😉

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