Author: Denise Masino
December 30, 2009

Denise loves Precious
I went to see “Precious” last night and was reminded of why I love watching movies. Precious is filled with the sort of real life drama that few people out of the ghetto might ever know or understand. Born and raised in one of Brooklyn, New York’s toughest neighborhoods meant that I got to see first hand what survival in an inner city can be like. I love the honesty of the characters with all of their flaws and I am reminded that what life demands of all of us is the courage to try, and the courage to dare to dream.

2 Responses to “Precious”

  1. Scorpio Man Says:

    Happy New Year Nise’
    Anyways, all reviews on this movie that I’ve read are 100% “2 thumbs up”.

    It was interesting, I saw the actress on a talk show the other day, and she was talking about how some of the men who ignored her in the past are calling her up now that she’s famous….Do you have that “problem” ? 😉

  2. Denise Masino Says:

    Hello Scorpio Man: Happy 2010 to you and yours. I always say, the best revenge is success 🙂 I am wishing you a year full success in all you do. xoxo Denise

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