November 27, 2009

After my leg workout (yes I trained on Thanksgiving Day :), I enjoyed a turkey dinner with some of my loved ones and then went to see Cirque du soleil’s Kooza show at the Santa Monica Pier. This was my first time seeing a Cirque show and WOW, what a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours. Filled with fantastical characters that included funny clowns, acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists, contortionist, and dare devils of all shapes and sizes, the show also included two incredible female singers and a magical band. I laughed and had my breath taken away with some of the death-defying acts I witnessed. Packed with incredible performances from an awesome cast it’s hard to pick favorites, but my list toppers included the mesmerizing performances by the master of ceremonies performed by Mike Tyus, a trio of gold-wrapped contortionist and the wheel of death’s dynamic duo.  Heart warming, heart pounding and heart-stopping is the best way to describe Kooza. Go see it if you can. Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo Denise
Kooza1Kooza2Kooza4  kooza_6

2 Responses to “Denise loves Kooza…Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Scorpio Man Says:

    That looks like quite the show! 🙂

    (Now if only I could shoot at ISO 3200…)

  2. Denise Says:

    Scorpio: I’m always inspired and impressed by what the human body can learn to do, but after seeing this show, my sense of awe is renewed. I have a new New Years resolution too…I want to be able to lift my legs and bend my body like the girls in gold 🙂 xoxo Denise

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