Sex and Muscle…the good stuff

Author: Denise Masino
October 3, 2009

Ok so I told you that I did a second Sex and Muscle interview with Dave Palumbo for this week, but after checking my blog I realized that I hadn’t posted the pictures of the wild burro adventure with you yet. I can’t let the gang at RXmuscle have all the fun with these images and the crazy story that goes with them, so here they are. The real pictures taken on location in the desert during a shoot I did with the gorgeous Melissa Dettwiller. As you can see, when you are in the wild, you never know who you will attract! Thank God this guy didnt come any closer! Hee Haww! xoxo DeniseDenise and Mr Ed?Denise’s Surprise

6 Responses to “Sex and Muscle…the good stuff”

  1. ahven66 Says:

    well…that happens also to me every time i see Denise…..but he was lucky to see Denise LIVE!!! i’am jealous!!!

    xoxo ahven66

  2. fred hip Says:

    your body kook bigger with more muscles and better definition. I like it better. You were getting too lean. Stay in touch.

  3. Mike Says:

    I always suspected Denise had a weakness for donkey dicks.


  4. Denise Says:

    I have nothing against a big dick, but donkey? Ummm, NO THANKS! I think I’ll stick to my own species 🙂

  5. Mike Says:

    I didn’t mean that literally, Denise.

    Haven’t you heard of big dicks referred to as “donkey dicks”?

    I’ve never suspected you were into bestiality.

    I guess I should have originally said “donkey dicks,” in quotation marks, so you’d know I meant guys with big dicks, not an actual referrence to donkeys and their dicks which are often quite large (if that makes any sense at all).

    Somehow, I feel like I’m just digging myself a bigger hole.

    Anyway…I was just trying to be facetious, not offensive.

    I apologize for the confusion.

  6. Denise Says:

    You are soooo cute 🙂
    Im going to be back to a more normal schedule in a couple of days so stay tuned!!!! I intend to answer every post :p xoxo Denise

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