Health is wealth…

Author: Denise Masino
October 22, 2009

Would you agree with the statement “Health is wealth”? I certainly do. When you have it, you just can’t help but take it fore-granted. But when you think about it, it’s really not a smart idea to assume that you will always be healthy. Working out, making good lifestyle choices are all essential to our wellness, quality of life and longevity. But even making the right choices doesn’t guarantee us health. So the smart thing to do is insure yourself, just in case something unexpected should happen or come up. I have paid for my own medical insurance for almost 16 years now. Each year my premiums go up and my insurance goes down with a new group of waivers that my insurance company always seems to add with each renewal. I always thought that I had decent coverage because my insurance agent always told me so and warned me to hold on to my plan at all cost. What I started to realize about 5 years ago, and what hit home more this year, is that as I get older, my insurance company is asking me to pay more, while giving me less coverage.Denise Walks Does that mean that when I need my insurance the most I will ultimately end up with less then I need, even after investing in my own medical coverage with the same company for over 15 to 20 years? I’m hoping I won’t ever need my medical insurance and I do what I can to stay healthy and fit, but as I get older and I keep paying my insurance premiums, shouldn’t I feel comfortable knowing that I have made the right choices by investing in a long term relationship with my medical insurance company? Why do I have this awful feeling that even though I have paid my dues, month after month, year after more expensive year that I won’t have the coverage and protection I think I do. That I wont have the coverage I have paid so much and so long for. Think about that, I know I am. In closing, I really hope to see a public option that will allow Americans to be healthier, stronger and ultimately more productive and independent. Wishing you and yours the wealth that is health!   xoxo Denise

4 Responses to “Health is wealth…”

  1. Mike Says:


    Here’s a two-part question for ya:

    1). What is the part of your body that you’re most proud of? In other words, if there’s one part of your body that you want to use to attract a guy (or girl), what is it?

    2). What part of your body do your admirers like best? And is there is any correspondence between 1 & 2?

    In other words, do you love your abs and then have guys/girls say they love they your abs? Inquiring minds want to know. Please break down that preference between males/females for us.

    In terms of my attraction for you, I get weak in the knees for your monster delts. Bottom line, lot of chicks have six-pack abs. And some chicks have thick, muscular thighs.

    But no one has your huge, cannonball delts. I’d give anything to rub suntain oil all over those bad boys. Your arms hangng by your sides would be good for me, but I’d love to see those baddies flexed and pumped huge.

    In my fantasy, I’d hold climb onto your back and hold onto those killer delts and then we’d fly away together like the boy and the huge dog in The Never Ending Story and then we’d…

    Oops, sorry. Gotta bit carried away. Never mind.

  2. Scorpio Man Says:

    Again, another excellent outfit …:)

    On insurance….being just tick older than you, (13 Nov) ;)….I remember my father talking about insurance premiums rising as you age….

    But the taboo thing that a lot of folks don’t talk about is physical fitness. Being in the military has kept me in great shape for someone over 40 😉 However, should my insurance cost more because of all the overweight, non-exercising smokers?

    Anyways….Ciao now & take care…

  3. Denise Says:

    Scorpio you raise a good question. I don’t think fit, healthy people should pay more, I think that instead of penalizing people for not being fit, they should offer discount incentives to people who begin working out, lose weight, stop smoking etc. I believe that in some countries like France those kinds of incentives are in place and working. I just added your B-Day to my calendar so that I can send you a smiley face 🙂

  4. Denise Says:

    Hi Mike:
    I love your questions and your fantasy. I hope I answer these questions in a satisfactory way. Here goes:
    1.With respect to attracting men and women, I would have to say that my legs are what I am most proud of. For starters, I have my mom’s legs , but the truth is that people have always reacted to my legs when I wear dresses and shorts so I like to show them off 🙂

    2. From a bodybuilding stand point I would have to say that I am most proud of my Back and Delt development. The bodybuilding fans have always reacted to my back and having well developed delts definitely creates the X factor you want on stage.

    In closing, I have to say that I love hearing what different fans like most. Some people love hard abs, others love big biceps, while other people go nuts over my feet, my huge lats and even my veins. As a bodybuilder I work to create a perfectly symmetrical body, so my goal is to have it all 🙂 Go Yanks!