Angie Rocks Las Vegas!

Author: Denise Masino
July 26, 2009

I got great news last night when I found out that Angie Salvagno won her class and the over-all woman’s bodybuilding competition at the USA’s. With this win she earned a spot on the professional stage as the newest IFBB women’s pro. Woo Hoo Angie, way to go! The stage was lined with lots of awesome competition and true to his predictions, my friend and business partner Robert said that Angie would win the show after shooting her a couple of weeks ago. “The photo shoot we did with her was amazing, Angie looked great three weeks ago” said Robert. His prediction was that she would be unstoppable, and he was right. A gorgeous woman, with beautiful muscle… you gotta love it!   Need less to say, we are very happy  for her. Congrats Angie!  Big Hugs, Denise and the Muscle Elegance Gang!

Angie Salvago wins the USA

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  1. srez7744 Says:

    Hello Denise,that was the best news of 2009 !!!! Angela looked spectacular i have to agree with Robert she was unbeatable,thick hard chiseled muscle,Feminine lines,perfect symmetry which produces the the perfect X something you know alot about !!!!!Cant wait to see more of angela on your sites and cant wait to see the pics from the shoot 3 weeks out i know what she looked like 3 weeks out and damn there going to be hot.Fbb has a bright future a head of it and angela has got the ball rolling …..Cant wait to see her compete as a pro.Thank you denise for letting us see these women at there best and sexiest 😉


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