Denise hot off the press.

Author: Denise Masino
May 13, 2009

 Denise at the presses  Denise at the presses  The women of Muscle Elegance Magazine  Muscle Elegance the Magazine    After seeing the printing presses in State of Play I started thinking about what it was like for me to publish Muscle Elegance Magazine. Filled with a sense of nostalgia for the entire printing process, I got to feeling all warm and fuzzy as I thought about what it was like to be on the print runs reviewing and approving the color of the pages as they came off the presses. Muscle Elegance Magazine is no longer in print but our website ( ) has been growing online for many years. Loaded with hot muscle women, we are in the process of doing a complete re-model of the site that I am super pumped about. Check out the pictures I found of me at one of our print runs. Women that look like these should be published. 🙂 Happy Hump Day! Denise

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  1. dani Says:

    hello DENISE 🙂 you okay?
    I’m your fan, I call DANIEL, I’M IN BRAZIL:) I would love to meet you one day:) and I have email and would love to talk to you:) if possible, send me an email I have a great affection DENISE by you:) HAVE A WONDERFUL END OF WEEK), ENAIL:, kisses.. kisses..:)

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