Denise’s Site Improvements

Author: Denise Masino
April 30, 2009

I have a new calendar feature on my cam show page…Yay! The new calendar should make it even easier to see all of my future cam show dates so that members can pencil me in on their schedules too! 🙂  Each day we work long hours creating new content, but when we manage to get a new feature added to the site, it’s like a holiday for me. Staying up on internet advances creates lot’s of technical challenges that keeps me on a constant, steep learning curve that sometimes feels more grueling than one of my leg workouts! Case in point, we are still working on the auto archive cam show set up. I’m keeping my figures crossed that those will be really, really soon.  Committed to giving my members the best possible internet experience! … Denise

2 Responses to “Denise’s Site Improvements”

  1. Valentine Says:

    Happy Birthday sexy lady,i swear i’m always amazed at how beautiful you are,enjoy your day you are true inspiration to both men and women on good living and great sex and how far you can go through hard work,love ya DM. Valentine

  2. Denise Says:

    Valentine: I’ve spent my whole life working hard and training is part of that. Knowing that people appreciate that is great, knowing that I might be able to inspire people the way they inspire me is all I could ask for. I hope you have a kick-ass week. Denise