Denise MIA

Author: Denise Masino
February 17, 2009

OK, I know you’re probably wondering what happened to me this weekend, but all I can say is it wasn’t my fault. It was cupid and his hot pointy arrow! Valentines Day is sooo my holiday! xoxo

2 Responses to “Denise MIA”

  1. srez7744 Says:

    Hello Beautiful,im sure u got spoilt for valentines day ! Just recieved my copy of THE TRAINER , WOW u can train me anyday as long as it involves the extra caricular activities :-)what can i say dvd number 26 to my collection the best money ever spent.

  2. Valentine Says:

    im glad you enjoied yourself denise,you deserve some love and lustin,its crazy ppl call me valentine and i spent mine in the hospital lol gotta go. valentine