Cam Tests…

Author: Denise Masino
February 8, 2009

“Testing, testing, 123”, the live cam show has taken another large step forward and is almost ready for lights, camera, action. And so am I. Need less to say, I’m pretty excited about finally getting the cam shows rolling and Im looking forward to meeting you online.  Stay tuned for the details of the cam and my shows. 🙂 xoxo Denise

6 Responses to “Cam Tests…”

  1. airpisces Says:

    hey denise im Valentine and im a new member to your blog but maybe you should be taking it easy i mean you have blogged about this cold a couple of times and your body might be telling you give yourself a lil R&R and that may not just mean taking three days to yourself. keep a cup of tea in your hand insted of “other” things. Valentine

  2. Scorpio Man Says:

    Will Geraldo Rivera be at your place on the “opening night”..? 😀

  3. Denise Says:

    I certainly hope not! Keep your fingers crossed this baby gets the green light this week. I know I am!

  4. Denise Says:

    Hi Valentine, What a great name you have. And you are right, I am always telling people to listen to their bodies when they don’t feel good and yes I try hard to practice what I preach. I must admit that its hard for me to stay home and just sit still. I love training and feeling productive so Im not the best patient. Truth be told, I have been doing what I need to do to allow my body to fight my cold and am happy to report that taking it easy has me feeling pretty good. You know I dont want to be sick for Valentines day 😉 Thanks for the post! @{———— Denise

  5. fred hip Says:

    HI Denise

    Make sure on your opening day you are ” RIPED”.Body must be full not” dry” like competition. You must be like a “Heavy weight”.

  6. Valentine Says:

    yea im a restless person always gotta move or i’ll go crazy but im glad ur doin better,you with a webcam is going to be bananas(you being the sign of the monkey)my hearts beatin fast already hope you get the green light like john legend lol. Valentine