Red nails

Author: Denise Masino
October 10, 2008

rednailscimg6149.jpgrednailscimg6152.jpgrednailscimg6146.jpgrednailscimg6128.jpgrednailscimg6129.jpgDenise’s legs and pedsRed Toe’s and ShoesDenise’s feetDenise’s soft soles Red toes are for sucking. Never mind the wonderful foot massage I get when I have my pedicures. Toe sucking and stroking a hard cock with my soft soles is what I’m talking about when the topic is perfectly polished peds. I just love torturing a hard cock and soft balls with my feet. Any woman worth her salt knows that a pedicure is only the beginning of the foot service she should be collecting.  And as if that wasn’t enough of a payout, I always end up with a decent little ab workout as I tease my man-toy 🙂  Denise

2 Responses to “Red nails”

  1. deuce22 Says:

    I love you and your blog Denise,
    your toes and feet are so very sexy no doubt I love a woman in heels you got it workin
    “fo sho”, I wish more women knew how caress a hard cock and balls with their toes and soles
    there’s noting like it and it would be my greatest fantasy to worship at your sexy feet.
    I am a 30 year-old man in Houston, Tx iI have been lusting after you s since 1998 do you ever travel to texas

  2. Valentine Says:

    the pisces in me goes crazy for those b-e-a-utiful feet lol

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