Joe v Sarah

Author: Denise Masino
October 3, 2008

I hate to get all political on my blog because to be honest, this site is really all about having fun. Life is full of so much stress and negativity that I honestly believe we all need constant reminders that tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us. Having said that, I was inspired to write my 2 cent rant about tonight’s historic VP debate, so here it goes. First I have to say that I was genuinely worried, anxious even, about watching Sarah Palin tonight. It’s the same sort of sick and worried feeling I get every time I hear President Bush speak. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought, Oh My God, that’s our president!  I wanted to close eyes, cover my ears and at the same time I wanted to scream, but all the while, I couldn’t move away from the television. Like everybody else, I had super low expectations of Sarah Palin, and I honestly did not want to watch more embarrassing Palin moments. After all, haven’t we seen enough? So there I was, waiting for the horror show to begin, and instead, what I got was some of the most interesting television I’ve seen in a while. Within about 15 minutes of the debate starting, I was thinking, shit I should have made some popcorn, and by the end of the debate I wanted a piece of raw hide to chew on, but instead opted for a glass of wine 😉 . I was fascinated by Sarah’s tactical performance and riveted by Joe’s presentation of his political views on both foreign and domestic policies as he answered each question that was posed.  The strategy set forth by the republican party (or so it seems) was to deliver a vice presidential candidate in Sarah Palin that the “average” middle class American (woman) could identify with.  Sarah, the home town girl, from a hard working middle class family, the “soccer mom” who knows just enough to get her by. What I saw in Sarah was a well rehearsed performance that made me feel like I was watching an actor playing a well rehearsed role in a movie. And although she delivered a good performance, I was really amazed by her patronizing winks, her sarcastic mocking and her arrogant, continues refusal to answer really important questions. Further, I was surprised that the moderator didn’t do a better job on that point. In closing, I have to say that I thought Joe Biden did an incredible job of educating the public on his positions on crucial national and international issues. His experiance and his record made me feel that the Obama/Biden ticket was a strong choice. Joe Biden was a real gentleman, he was articulate, professional, forthright and most of all he felt incredibly, incredibly REAL. And thats, my two cents! xoxo Denise

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