September 14, 2008

Last weekend I went to the movies to see Tropic Thunder and wished I had stayed home and handled my laundry. I love Robert Downey Jr. but the movie just wasn’t very funny. In fact the coolest part of the movie for me was watching Tom Cruise hip hop dancing during the credits at the very end. This weekend I went to see the new Coen bothers movie, Burn after reading and although the performances are awesome, what else can be said about a cast of Oscar winners and or Oscar nominees the likes of Clooney, Pitt, Malkovich, Swinton and McDorman? The truth is, the movie wasn’t very funny either. I tend to go into most movies with limited expectations these days. Limit your expectations and you limit the disappointments right?! Anyway, the movie was different, surprising in places but ultimately not what I would call good.  I’m thinking I should have sat by the pool, sipped a Martini and then gotten my pussy licked instead 😉 xoxo Denise

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