Living Lean and Green

Author: Denise Masino
July 3, 2008

Walk the green talk <smile> Living lean is an essential part of staying healthy. But what about living lean and doing it in a way that also makes you green, so that you can benefit in more ways then one! Daily walks are a great way to burn fat and work your heart and lungs. But by walking to do my errands instead of driving, I also get to save money on fuel and lower the carbon emissions that would other wise be polluting our skies. How I stay Lean and Green: I like to start my day with a 45 minute walk. I do this on an empty stomach because lower blood sugar levels helps my body tap into stored fat for energy faster, thereby burning more fat. While I’m out, I run errands like grocery shopping and going to the post office and by making my errands a part of my walk route, I’m able to get multiple benefits. I burn fat, do my errands, save money and keep the planet healthy too. Now that’s what I call living lean and green.

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