Denise does a Hollywood review.

Author: Denise Masino
July 15, 2008

Wall-E at El CapitanWhere the stars live!Spiderman, Denise and SpidermanTwo Stars <wink>Me and Micky Mickey gets a smootch from Denise

It was a weekend of movies for me and what a mix of drama it was. For starters, on Saturday afternoon I saw the, not so great new “Hellboy” (that I would have passed on had I known better). After that and once at home, my lover popped in a sexy little movie he rented called “Teeth”.  Teeth is an indie horror movie about a girl who suffers with a condition called Vagina Dentata (that’s Pussy with Teeth for those of you who don’t speak Latin!). For those of you who haven’t heard about Teeth, this one is really all about understanding that you need to be respecting the pussy, because you could end up paying the ultimate price if you don’t. That’s right, having your cock bitten off is not a pretty thing. Needless to say, after watching Teeth the only thing I felt like watching was “The Big Lebowski” (thank God for cable and comedies). I capped off the weekend with “Wall-E” which I got to see at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood. What I loved most about Wall-E was its Green message to kids of all ages. Last but not least, you can’t go down to Hollywood without doing the walk of fame, where I promptly found Donald Trump’s star, took pictures with Spider-man and his alter ego and even got to top it all off with a Mickey Mouse kiss. Now that’s what I call a Hollywood ending.  xoxo Denise

4 Responses to “Denise does a Hollywood review.”

  1. paull Says:

    eres demasiado bella me encantas.

  2. Denise Says:

    Muchas Gracias mi amigo Paul. Denise

  3. swillr58 Says:

    Have you done anything lately with Nadia Nardia? All your work with her (actually everyone!) is especially exciting to me. Both of you are absolutely incredible!!

  4. Denise Says:

    I haven’t had the pleasure of working with Nadia for a couple of years and since she turned pro last year. I did get to communicate with her a couple of weeks ago however. She is currently taking a small break from competition but plans on competing in 2009 and like you, I am really looking forward to seeing and working with her again. She is one of the coolest women I have ever met. xoxo Denise

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