Vitamin D

Author: Denise Masino
June 11, 2008

Dear Diary, When a long time buddy and member decided to share the details of a list of benefits assoicated with Vitamin “D” in an email he sent me, I thought he was being his cute and talking about me. But, after reading his email, I quickly realized that he was talking about Vitamin D, not Vitamin Me <smile>. Anyway, Im all about passing on useful, healthy information so, here it goes.  Oh and by the way, don’t forget that a daily dose of me is good for you too. To illustrate that fact, I’ve added my own list of benefits! <smile/wink> ….Denise

Vitamin D (ie, our skin’s response to Sunshine) is a miracle drug:

  1. lowers risk of many cancers
  2. lowers depression
  3. prevents osteoporosis
  4. combats heart disease
  5. protects against diabetes (and therefore kidney failure, vision loss, and even foot amputation)
  6. prevents heart attack and stroke

My list of Vitamin “D” benefits (D being for Denise of course 😉

  • lowers the risk of many cancers – especially prostate cancer, after all studies show that coming once a day keeps the prostate healthy.

  • lowers depression – making you smile is my ultimate goal!

  • prevents osteoporosis – no wasted boners around me, and thats a promise!

  • combating heart disease – by getting your heart rate up at least once a day.

  • protects against diabetes – I like to keep the sugar all natural so that diabetes is never an issue.

  • And, finally, heart attacks are unacceptable but strokes, now thats a different story!

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