Memorial Day Weekend

Author: Denise Masino
May 25, 2008

Creating is funDenise’s Desert Fun  Dear Friends: I’m playing and working in the desert this holiday weekend. The cool thing about being in a new place like Palm Springs, is that a new enviornment always excites the senses. First my lover and I memorialized our day with a 3 AM round of dirty talk (call us creative creatures at heart <smile>), followed by a yummy orgasm and a little more sleep. A delicious snooze followed by a morning walk surrounded by amazing desert plants and beautiful mountains gets the heart pumping in a different way and something I highly recommend as your very own personal fitness expert <wink/wink>. Even though I am always working, as I am now, it’s important to remember that recreational time is super important even for us AmBITCHious types. After all, if you break the word down, re-creation means to re-create, something we all need to remember to do. Happy Holidays!  xoxo Denise

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  1. Taylor Says:

    Howdy Denise – i’ve been getting lonely so I thought I’d write. Just thinking about your Memorial Day – sounds wonderful. I started thinking about you bound and gagged and I had to cum (sorry it’s a fetish of mine, and you’re so strong and beautiful and confident, and I love to picture you bound and gagged – perhaps you could accomodate me with a picture or two?)

    MMM you are so yummy, you gorgeous woman (I’m getting ready to squirt again)!

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