Does size matter?

Author: Denise Masino
March 20, 2008

Denise’s tini polka dot bikini  I know you thought this question was about the size of a man, but Im actually answering a question that I’ve been asked hundreds of time. Having a big clit means I’m super sensitive and super responsive. It also means I love oral sex and that my orgasms are really intense and really yummy.

4 Responses to “Does size matter?”

  1. patrickfrombreda Says:

    Hey Denise,
    First of all nice blog, keep op the good work.
    Nice picture with you in a verry nice bikini. Keep your big dit in shape.

    Greetings, Patrick

  2. mysexydenise72 Says:

    Hello Denise, this is Edoardo, I wanted to say you I LOVE your sweet clit and everything of your HOT SEXY body, your new site is AWESOME, I LOVE it, you are MY sexy Denise, I send you many kisses!!

  3. Taylor Says:

    Beautiful – you are the most beautiful woman in the world!

  4. wsgmisery Says:

    Hey sexy!!! Dam ur so sexy everythin about u ur face,tits ur toes and sure is dat pussy of urs.. U don’t know wat I do just 2 have it in front of me right now… anyway keep doin wat u do baby thank u

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