December 4, 2019

A recent video posted to my YouTube channel got over 1 Million views. I was surprised to find that almost half of those views were from India! So in response to that I went looking for women bodybuilders from the top five countries that watched that video. In order: 1) India, 2) US, 3) South Korea, 4) Brazil, 5) Germany. Here are some of the amazing ladies I found! Things get pretty interesting, check out my reaction video and let me know where you are from! xo Denise

December 13, 2014

RXDebate RxmuscleDebate

I agreed to be the first woman to enter the RX Muscle Iron Debate in a 90 minute back and forth with Chris Aceto and Dave Palumbo on RX last night. The topics included the state of Women’s Bodybuilding vs the Women’s Physique category, what I think about the fans of women’s bodybuilding, with the most intensely debated part of the discussion surrounding adult entertainment and bodybuilding. To watch the debate click the graphic above and feel free to share your thoughts.


September 27, 2013

The Olympia Weekend opened with a packed expo and incredible competitions all around. The women’s prejudging showcased incredible women and intense competition. Tomorrow the men will take the stage. Stay tuned for my Olympia pic report.