November 15, 2013

Hello Darling!  Just because I’ve been working double time at the office,  and digging through various projects that I have going on doesn’t mean I’m becoming a dull girl. Sometimes I take a few minutes to lay out in the yard in my bikini before making my way back to my desk to read contracts, scripts or whatever I have waiting for me. I’m one of those people that likes to have fun when they work. And, believe it or not, this weekend I’ve been talked into taking the day off to do another 5k obstacle course run with a friend to celebrate his birthday. Hell, I haven’t even gotten all of my last mud run pictures posted yet and here I go again…what can I say, I suppose I really like being a dirty adventure girl. To get a load of my newest bikini office attire check out my newest video post.

Denise at the office