Denise loves The Avengers Movie

Author: Denise Masino
May 12, 2012

I went to see The Avengers last weekend and LOVED IT. My favorite characters included Robert Downey Jr. as Iron man (did I mention I love him?) and Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk (amazing actor). I thoroughly enjoyed the Black Widow with all her feminine power of persuasion but I have to admit that it was Iron Man and the Hulk that made me love the movie most. I don’t want to give anything away for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, but my last comment about the superheroes was that I love Stan Lee for making his heroes so human.  My only complaint, is that I had a woman sitting next to me who squealed like Pee Wee Herman throughout the entire movie. I really wanted her to have fun, but she was making me a little crazy 🙂 For a super good time, take a friend and your family to see The Avengers. And watch out for Pee Wee Herman’s! 😉