June 15, 2017

Just in case you are wondering what I’ve been up to, you will be happy to know that I have been doing a lot of shooting for you! Sadly I can’t spend every day playing in the shower with a camera documenting every minute for you, but I do have quite a bit of new video and lots of new photos coming up. We can talk about when we meet on live cam next week. Join me this coming Tuesday night. xo DM



New Ryan Shower Video Post

Author: Denise Masino
March 17, 2015

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Long hot showers clear my head and when I bring Ryan with me it’s even better. I hope you can enjoy a hot shower with me and my Ryan. I just posted the new video for you. DeniseMasino.com

January 31, 2013

My member webcam show it today. Join me today, January 31, 2013 at 4:30 pm Et, 1:30 pm Pt and 10:30 pm CET
I think I’ll take a shower while you watch!


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