Denies Masino Big nipples and Nipple Clams

I just posted my newest 1080 HD nipple clamp video scene today. Sometimes I get gifts in the mail with special requests from my fans and members and this time I got a set of nipple clamps. I was excited to try them because my nipples are huge and playing with them is fun and exciting for me. I was also curious about using the nipple clamps on my long pussy lips and I had this vision of clamps hanging from both my huge nipples and big lips. Things didn’t turn out quite as I had expected or envisioned but I had a lot of fun, check it out and watch the video now its live!

November 2, 2012

To get your weekend off right, I’m posting a few of my popular “family jewels” pictures for you. I wasn’t really surprised to learn that my members rated this photo set 5 stars, oh and there’s also a video scene of me playing with my big nipples, big pussy lips and big clit. I was built for jewels and love having jewelry hanging off of my huge pussy lips. I can’t wait to decorate my bod for the holidays!  Watch the video and get the closeups view