Hot Muscle Launch

Author: Denise Masino
July 7, 2009

After lot’s and lot’s of work (a labor of love of course),  I am very proud to announce that our new, secure shopping cart is officially ready for business. Now you can start or add to your collection of DVD’s and Magazines featuring the hottest Nude Female Bodybuilders on the planet. Some of my collectibles and lot’s of great discounts on all of our female muscle products  can also be found at our new online store at It’s a pleasure to serve you, so please stop by and check us out!

Hot Muscle goes live

Denise’s new shopping cart

Author: Denise Masino
December 17, 2008

I just approved the design of our new shopping cart and I’m really pumped up about it.
We still have work to do but I’m hoping the new cart will be ready for New Year. Working hard and training hard. xoxo Denise

On the set with Denise & Rhonda Lee

Author: Denise Masino
July 2, 2008

Denise and Rhonda Lee on the set of Horny Muscle Girls 1 When the summer heat rises to unbearable temperatures, whats a girl to do? Take a cool shower with a hot friend, is what I say <smile>. It’s a great way to stay cool and relaxed. Check out the newest video teaser picture from my latest photo gallery update. Rhonda Lee and I are on the set of my new video release Horny Muscle Girls, where we’ll show you how it’s done <wink>. For all of the pictures in this set log into my members section. Or go to <smile> Denise

Dear Diary here comes the weekend!

Author: Denise Masino
May 22, 2008

cimg4578.jpg Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner, and now that most of my laptop issues are under control I can focus on the more important things in life, like having fun! It looks like me and my tiny bikini will be heading to Palm Springs for some RNR and some creative inspiration. Traveling always gets my juices flowing so its the perfect antidote to the tech stress blues I’ve been dealing with. Im iching to get out and about with my sunscreen, my laptop and my video camera too <wink/wink> xoxo Denise