Meet Denise Masino, Emery Miller, Kathy Amazon, Elisa Costa, Evie La Rosa, Alana Snow, Rita Sargo and Dominique Futura at the Muscle Pinups booth at the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival Expo booth #1261  – We are only 3 days away from the 25th Anniversary of the Arnold Sports Festival and the event just keeps getting better. For details, tickets and information go to

From Las Vegas to Los Angeles following the 2012 Olympia weekend. Today was a day of travel. These are just a few images from the expo, with more photos of the people and the fun I had while I was there. I’m turning in early so that I can start my day with a run first thing in the morning. I am officially 27 days away from my challenge and 40 % of the way towards my goal. Train like a warrior!