November 24, 2012

I went to see Rise of the Guardians yesterday and I absolutely loved this movie. Santa Claude has tattoos on his forearms, one says Naughty and the other says Nice, something I know we can all identify with. The Easter bunny, Jack Frost, the Sandman and the Tooth fairy, are all bad-asses too. This movie is a wonderful, magical reminder of how important keeping the child in you alive is. Take a child to see this movie and most of all, take the child in you to see this fun modern take on a childhood Legend, Fables and Fairy Tales.

Warrior on my top 10 list

Author: Denise Masino
December 26, 2011

Watched the movie “Warrior” staring Joel Edgerton , Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte and Jennifer Morrison last night and loved it. This is an amazing drama about two MMA – Mixed Martial Arts fighters and a movie lovers must see. The acting was great putting this film directed by Gavin O’Connor on my top 10 list for the year. Check it out and let me know what you think.