December 4, 2019

A recent video posted to my YouTube channel got over 1 Million views. I was surprised to find that almost half of those views were from India! So in response to that I went looking for women bodybuilders from the top five countries that watched that video. In order: 1) India, 2) US, 3) South Korea, 4) Brazil, 5) Germany. Here are some of the amazing ladies I found! Things get pretty interesting, check out my reaction video and let me know where you are from! xo Denise

October 3, 2019

I couldn’t leave Las Vegas following the Olympia weekend without first stopping at the Bodi Cafe to visit with Ms Olympia Iris Kyle and bodybuilding’s samurai Hide Yamagishi. This was my first time at the City Athletic Club and this was what I found and why you should check them out the next time you get a workout in Las Vegas.
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With the Wings of Strength Legends and Champions Ms. Olympia special event scheduled to happen in Las Vegas in just a few weeks, I’m taking a look back at all of the women who have inspired me along the way. This is a clip from my documentary film “Adventures of Miss Fit” . The entire documentary is available on iTunes and Amazon and will also be available on Amazon Prime soon. Thank you for watching my YouTube video posts. If you like them please subscribe, like and post your comments and questions.
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Denise Masino thanks Cardillo Weightbelts

My newest You Tube video is a look back to 1994 and to today. Lots of things have changed but strength training & strapping up with Cardillo Weightbelts have been two of my constants. Thanks for watching my videos, I hope they keep you motivated to strap up and stay pumped!

June 26, 2019

I spent yesterday doing what could have been called “backbreaking” construction work to help my family with a home project. That was 7 hours of construction work and when the work was done I got a good nights rest and went into the gym to do my back workout this morning. By strength training I say no to allowing functional physical activities become impossible tasks because of aging and weakness. I love knowing that I could help myself when things need to get done and I love being able to help my family too. Keep moving friends and lets age up!

July 16, 2015

I travel quite a lot but when I am on the west coast I do most of my training at Golds Gym, where the members of the gym are an extension of my family. One of the people I have gotten to know quite well over the years happens to be the legendary Albert Beckles aka Mr. Peaks (because of his incredible bicep peaks) and more recently referred to as the Ageless Wonder. This week on July 14th, Albert celebrated his 85 birthday — so a group of us surprised him with an embarrassing display of affection represented by balloons and home-made cupcakes (with the calories taken out of course).

Always one of the gang, Albert still works out every day and is one of the most respected training coaches and mentors around. He has lived his life encouraging others to stay healthy and fit and as I think about him, he reminds me of another dear friend Jim Lorimer, who’s life’s work I admire greatly.  With a little more thought, it occurs to me just how important it is to always be surrounded by a community of people who are both younger and older than you are — so that we can keep each other growing in the very best ways possible. For all of you out there reading this  post, I say keep working on your passions and keep pumping!

I always have a fun time talking to Ric Drasin. This man was born to be in front of the camera. He’s funny, smart and super creative. You wouldn’t believe how many different things Ric has done. From professional Wrestler to the creator of the original Gold’s Gym logo we all know and love, this guy’s mind is always working. Today he interviewed me for his show “Ric’s Corner” but I honestly think I should be interviewing him! Take a look at my interview and check out some of the other interesting people Ric’s been talking to.
Ric Drasin Corner RicDrasin_DeniseAtGym

Denise Masino Top Rated Photos

Author: Denise Masino
January 4, 2013

Denise Masino Top Rated
Today’s member top picks. I love seeing what my members pick as their favorite photo and video posts. I’m peeling red liquorish and ripping it from my body, My big feral bush sticking out of a mini-skirt with no panties, and my fem/dom cruel intentions. You know what I would do to you if I got my hands on you…don’t you? Whats your favorite Denise Masino look?