Denise Masino Muscle Elegance Magazine Ebay store moves to Amazon

In spite of a 5 star seller rating from 119 happy Ebay shoppers, Pay Pal and Ebay suspended our store. I’m sad to report that our Ebay store “Muscle Elegance Magazine, Hot Muscle Store” on Ebay has been shut down for over a month because Paypal no longer wanted to process payments for our products. We have never had any issues with any order and our customer feedback shows how happy our customers are. Initially this was not a problem according to Ebay’s support staff who said they had no issues with our store or products. All we needed to do is get a new merchant processor and we would be good to go, but after jumping lots of hoops and securing our merchant services for credit card processing with Authorize Net, Ebays preferred gateway, we got another story from Ebay support. We will have to wait until March of 2019 to have another opportunity to reopen our Ebay store. Sadly this has forced us to look elsewhere and so we are currently offering all of the “Muscle Elegance Magazines” and “Denise Masino” autographed 8×10’s on “Amazon” instead. If you are interested in any of our magazines, autographed Denise Masino collectibles and 8×10’s please go to our Amazon seller page here!

The goal is always the same, we want to keep you inspire and motivated and we plan on continuing to take great care of our customers.

Denise Female Muscle Jungle Queen

Author: Denise Masino
May 4, 2013

I’ve been traveling, taking pictures and shooting new HD video over the last month and this weekend I’m sitting in the office opening emails and thanking you all for the many, many beautiful birthday wishes I got this week. My birthday, (May 1st) landed on hump day this week so I saved a bit of celebration for the weekend. I am such a lucky feral jungle queen 🙂
In the next few days, I will be sharing more of what I have been working on and whats been going on in my super, hectic life. For now here is a sample of one of my recent, jungle shoots. For those of you who love a hairy, feral pussy, you have come to the right place!  I have members who love it when I let my bush grow long and feral. I love giving my customers what they come for, and I also enjoy surprising them with new things that they don’t even know they want yet!
DeniseJungleLov_7898 DeniseJungleLuv_7792 DeniseJungleLuv_7877

December 5, 2012

I’m on location shooting for my website and playing with all kinds of sexy outfits and toys. I know a growing boy needs to be feed constantly and that’s why I post new content to my site daily. This weeks Denise Masino videos and photo posts include my Bed Time Amazon set (wait until you see what I did with those little toys); my nude Schwinn Workout, my last member cam show for you stocking lovers and my Football set. Man do I like the way that football feels in between my legs! Log in and get off!