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Member Cam Show Reschedule

Author: Denise Masino
July 27, 2015

I’m sorry to report that today’s live member cam show has been cancelled and is reschedule for this Friday 7/31/15 at 7pm Et / 4pm Pt
I apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you can make it to my TGIF cam show.

Who doesn’t love Ant Man?

Author: Denise Masino
July 27, 2015

Superhero movie fan that I am, I went to see Ant-Man and I loved it. Paul Rudd is perfectly cast for this role as the playful, funny and bad-ass Ant-man.  Ironically, several years ago I found myself in the hospital because of 4 ant bites (it turns out, I am allergic to fire ants) and yet, after seeing this movie I can’t help but like ants for their teamwork. LOL – If you want to escape for a few hours of fun, go see Ant-Man!

July 16, 2015

I travel quite a lot but when I am on the west coast I do most of my training at Golds Gym, where the members of the gym are an extension of my family. One of the people I have gotten to know quite well over the years happens to be the legendary Albert Beckles aka Mr. Peaks (because of his incredible bicep peaks) and more recently referred to as the Ageless Wonder. This week on July 14th, Albert celebrated his 85 birthday — so a group of us surprised him with an embarrassing display of affection represented by balloons and home-made cupcakes (with the calories taken out of course).

Always one of the gang, Albert still works out every day and is one of the most respected training coaches and mentors around. He has lived his life encouraging others to stay healthy and fit and as I think about him, he reminds me of another dear friend Jim Lorimer, who’s life’s work I admire greatly.  With a little more thought, it occurs to me just how important it is to always be surrounded by a community of people who are both younger and older than you are — so that we can keep each other growing in the very best ways possible. For all of you out there reading this  post, I say keep working on your passions and keep pumping!

Denise Liquid Gold Love Video Teaser

Author: Denise Masino
July 14, 2015

My new Liquid Gold Love video just went live. Drink it up and let me know if you like it as much as I do.  I can be so naughty sometimes! More Denise!
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I always spend a portion of my San Diego Comic Con weekend hanging out with real life super heroes involved in my annual HOPE – Homeless outreach mission. Being surrounded by people who so generously give of themselves is always such an uplifting experiences, but when you add the costumes and the fun personalities of these real life superheroes — well it doesn’t get any better than that! After we got done giving a little help we paid a visit to the fun loving cos-players at the San Diego Convention center. You never know what’s going to happen or who you’re going to capture! Cat Woman didn’t see it coming but she seemed to like the struggle <smile>
The rest of my comic con pre-party and convention center pictures can be found in my members area.
HOPE-2015_0605 IMG_0129 MF_DeniseIMG_0031

It’s Comic Con season in San Diego this weekend and I’m on my way to join the cos-players. The difference is I won’t be dressed as Wonder Woman. I’m going to be rocking my Miss Fit uniform because I’m going to be on my annual homeless HOPE mission. That means a whole bunch of real life superheroes will join forces this weekend to feed and assist the homeless of San Diego in any little way we can. Stay tuned for some fun pictures of my geek moments. #MissFit4Life #MF4Life #causePlayer #cosplayer

New HOT Rollers Video Post

Author: Denise Masino
July 8, 2015

I just posted a new video to my members area. As a woman I love taking my time to do my makeup and get dressed. It’s my girl time! Enjoy my dressing room Hot Rollers video!

My 5th of July cam-fireworks

Author: Denise Masino
July 7, 2015

So as I suspected this cam show is getting lots of attention from my members. Those who made the cam show and those who have watched the cam show after the fact. It turns out that everybody dreams of Jeannie and we all love huge chocolate hunks! So good to know. Watch the archive as many times as you like and until I bring this monster back for another show.


Dear All, I hope you all have a safe and awesome 4th of July. I’m sorry to report that due to uncontrollable circumstances I need to reschedule my live member cam show originally scheduled for this Saturday 7/4 to
Sunday – July 5th at 4pm ET / 1pm Pt.  I’m sorry for any inconvenience this change may cause and I hope to see you then!
Love Denise

July 1, 2015

I’m going to start my Independence Day celebration with you! So here is the plan, my next live member cam show will be this Saturday, July 4th, 2015 between 3pm Et / 12 noon Pt.
So now that you know when I’m going to do my fireworks show, you can think about what you would like to see me play with during the show. Will it be Option 1 or Option 2?