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March 6, 2015

Visit me and the Muscle Pinups at the Arnold Sports Festival Expo this weekend March 6-8 at booth #1660. I will be selling autographed photos, my new pinup poster and DVD’s. Come and get training and diet advise and take pictures with me and the Muscle Pinup models. Hope to see you there!

A connecting flight cancellation did not stop me from getting into Columbus, Ohio in time to set up my Muscle Pinups booth for this years Arnold Sports Expo. The ground was covered in snow from Detroit (my connecting city), all the way to Ohio, and even though the weather was brisk, I LOVE IT HERE. The cold weather always energizes me. We got our booth set up and took a look at the expo halls main stage and I was struck by an incredible sense of nostalgia. I have competed on this stage so many time during my career and I was immediately taken back to what it was like to be a professional athlete on this stage. I love this city and this place for so many reasons and, every one of those reasons is attached to a person. At the top of that list is one person in particular. He is the man who sits in the background, quietly connecting the human dots, that create the perfect breeding grounds for thousands of life changing moments and unforgettable experiences. As he so eloquently points out, “Sport is like a microcosm of life, in that you will get out of it– in almost equal proportion, what you are willing to put in.” Thank you Jim Lorimer for  providing us all with this venue to express ourselves as athletes and artists alike and for giving us these opportunities to connect with others in such an inspiring way. Congrats and good luck to all of this years athletes. Let the Arnold Sports Expo 2015 begin!
With Ms, Olympia and Arnold Classic Champion Dexter “The Blade” Jackson and Jim Lorimer.
With a few of the Muscle Pinups and Andy Hammond at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival Expo.

Packing for Ohio

Author: Denise Masino
March 3, 2015

I’m heading to Ohio for this years Arnold and I’m all packed up. Thank you for helping me with a few final outfit choices. If you missed the member cam show tonight log in and watch the archive, it’s live now.

March 2, 2015

I’m packing for Ohio and that means I have the leave my shorts behind. Join me for my next live cam show and help me pack please! Log in tomorrow, Wednesday, March 3, 2015 at 9:00 pm Et / 6:00 pm Pt.


I haven’t done a blog post in about 10 days — even though I have a tone of stuff to share with you. I really have to figure out how to update this blog with my phone. If anyone has any ideas about how I might is able to do that, please email me!

Anyway, I’ve been working overtime, getting ready for the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio and I am very excited about meeting our fans at the Muscle Pinups Booth #1660 at this years expo. We have an incredible lineup of beautiful Muscle Pinups making appearances at the booth throughout the weekend and we would love to meet you there. If you decide to make your way to Columbus, you will get to meet Elisa Ann, Anne Marie Via, Megan Avalon, Lena Mischin, Lada Plihalova and yours truly. As you have probably heard me say before, this is the biggest and best fitness event in the world and my favorite place to be each March. And even though the weather promises to be a little on the chilly side, my real challenge will be getting to see all of the events I want to witness over the course of the weekend. Stay tuned for a full report on the weekends events and for anyone interested in attending, you can find all the details at their website at