Denise’s travel pic’s

Author: Denise Masino
October 17, 2011

Denise on the road

I’m on the run and on the road  for the next few weeks. Travel is an adventure… and I LOVE NEW ADVENTURES. Follow me on Twitter for daily quick posts, you never know what a little birdie might tell you about!

Im meeting with Lisa Cross and Alicia Alfaro check out the site for more info on live webcam shows with me and them! xoxo Denise

3 Responses to “Denise’s travel pic’s”

  1. matt apicella Says:

    I would love to travel with you Denise!!!

    What a set!!!

    Will follow you on Twitter

  2. srez7744 Says:

    Mmmmm Denise, You shouldnt tease me like that, you know I would have you bent over that car if I was there, ripping you out of those sexy skin tight jeans and having my way with you…. ahh one can only fantasize 🙂

    Have fun with Lisa she looked amazing at the world championships and the Arnold europe, she has been looking forward to seeing you again… A little birdy told me

  3. tcanada1989 Says:

    Nice tits.