More sex and less of the other stuff

Author: Denise Masino
August 31, 2011

  “It’s said that women think about sex every 60 seconds on average during the day, men every 52 seconds. However, I could not find any data on how may seconds, minutes or hours we think about murder and homicide every day. I want to make a film that does justice to sexuality as an expression of human joy of life. A film that confidently borrows from the porn genre, but that is not a porn film.” Sergej Moya made these statements during an interview for Variety Magazine and while talking about his newest film project “Hotel Desire”. The rest of the article is interesting in part because Moya is raising the money for his film with crowdfunding. And he has literally managed to raise most of the $241,000 budget he needs by taking donations, mostly made up of very small donations from the online community that wants to see this film made — and why not? We are sexual creatures after all. When you look at the statistics he mentions, it’s hard to wrap your head around the idea that people think about sex as much as they do. Whats not hard to believe, is that people probably don’t spend nearly as much time thinking about murder and violence as they do thinking about sex. And yet, what we call entertainment, our movies, TV shows and games are filed with violence. I don’t know Moya’s work yet, but I’m really looking forward to watching this film… and I already know I love his point of view. Denise

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