Kim Kardashian Nude Art

Author: Denise Masino
February 2, 2011

I had the TV on while I worked last night and ended up catching a piece of “Kim and Kourtney Take New York”.  I don’t watch the Kardashian shows, but I did watch the entire episode and I watched Kim getting very upset about her pictures in “W Magazine” She felt the images showed to much nipple and ass crack, but  I say she looks amazing and she knew she was taking nude photos.

To pose nude or not to pose nude, is the question. Kim Kardashian is just one celebrity that uses her beauty as part of what she sells. We all love admiring beautiful things and Kim is one of those beautiful things. Why is it that the nude/naked human body is always viewed as a scandalous thing?

I’m thinking she should have asked for the right to edit the images and approve the final layout if she wanted to be sure she would be happy with her spread. What do you think? To see the pictures go to the W Magazine website here:

2 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Nude Art”

  1. ahven66 Says:

    There is a big difference how to see a naked body in USA and here in Europe. Here in Europe it is normal, you see naked bodies (male and female) in many places and there is no problem. I don’t understood USA way that naked body is “dirty”. It’s ok there that you have a gun to kill somebody but if someone can see a boob, that is terrible!!!
    But before publishing pictures you should accept what is going to be published. These pictures are nice, I think no problem. BUT…Kim has no muscles…..she is normal girl…nothing to admire…boring…..

  2. FloridaBadBoy Says:

    Kim’s body has the same effect on me as Denise’s body: It always gives me an erection. I like guns and naked babes, Denise would have been better on the cover.

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