Fit for battle, Immune builders

Author: Denise Masino
June 7, 2010

After weeks of burning the candle on both ends, I ended up having to fight off a cold last week. My secret weapon is a product called Immuno-shield by Irwin Naturals. It was recommended to me years ago and every time I feel run down I up my dosage and within two days, I’m feeling good as new again. Happy Monday Friends!

5 Responses to “Fit for battle, Immune builders”

  1. Denise Fan Says:

    The new photo set is wonderful and I especially find the pics of you in panties showing the “bulge”, “package”, “tent” so erotic. What is even more amazing is seeing it pushing out against your sweat pants.

    Male bodybuilders make no effort to “hide” their private parts wearing tight, tiny, nearly transparent bottoms to show off their package. Have you ever considered wearing a bottom which accentuates your package when posing?

  2. Denise Masino Says:

    Honestly Denise Fan, I have a harder time finding pants that don’t accentuate my sweet girl package! I’m really glad you are enjoying the newest photo gallery, I had fun shooting for you. Denise

  3. Denise Fan Says:

    Wow! As one of your admirers, I would think just the opposite as you surely have pride in the package you hide knowing no other woman on stage would even remotely come close to your magnificent, colossal womanhood.

    Isn’t it ironic in our moralistic society, men pose on stage for for all purposes and intents “nude” wearing their tight formfitting bottoms which leave nothing to the imagination. I assume they even “fluff” themselves up slightly before coming on stage to make their package as big as possible. Yet, women cover their magnificent bodies with such different standards.

    Denise, if you consciously put consideration into your bottom, then surely your tops must have bullet proof lining to conceal and hold back your seemingly rock hard protruding nipples, too. I for one understand women must cover their tops on stage, yet think it such a shame they (unlike men who flex and bounce their chest at will) must cover their outstanding pectoral muscles.

    Oh, well, we can dream can’t we to see you pose on stage in all you glory totally shaming the other women onstage with the assets you possess others can only dream of.

    P.S. Just saw the new Rough Rider pic set and this just verifies my point on you magnificence and seeing you pose this way with bulging package to put the spectators in awe and disbelief and other competitors to shame and seeing you strike a side pose on stage with you glorious pectorals proudly displayed with your cigar like nipples pointing skyward.

  4. Denise Fan Says:

    Speaking of you cigar like, rigid nipples, would you consider a photo set showing these amazing appendages of yours as “coat hangers” holding objects (from ribbons to whatever comest to mind and shows how rigid and strong they are)?

  5. Denise Masino Says:

    D Fan, I love your ideas. I actually had another new fan ask me to do more nipple related shoots. I will absolutely be doing shoots featuring my nipples prominently displayed and decorated! 🙂 Denise

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