Bad Girls of Bodybuilding 3

Author: Denise Masino
June 22, 2010

The sexy Bad Girls of bodybuilding are back!

It’s here, our newest DVD release. Bad Girls of Bodybuilding 3 is officially in stock!
The Bad Girls are back to tease your cocks and to quench your thirst for the hottest women in female muscle. In this teaser banner, I’m  introducing you to our newest Bad Girls. Meet, the gorgeous and amazing Lisa Cross and Wanda Moore. In this new dvd you also get the incredibly shredded Kim Stahl and Angie Salvagno before her USA win. And, because we love to spoil you, you also get to watch Melissa Dettwiller, Amber Steel and your very own “Alpha Pussy” , me! Order your DVD today so that I can keep bringing you more of these amazing hot women!

2 Responses to “Bad Girls of Bodybuilding 3”

  1. bpsweets Says:

    I have been with the company so long that i remembered when it was VCR tapes and now its DVD’s, i love them all. The only thing that bothered me about BGB3, is that the camera angles were always side way view ”annoying, and the camer view was always zoomed out.”
    All im saying is that i don’t get to see beautiful female bodybuilders in my day, so youre videos is as close i get. So i want to see the big clits close up, for atleast a 15 second pause…
    So please tell the camera guy to stop being creative with all these annoying zoomed out and weird angles…Just please shoot the scenes straight, zoomed in and slow, thank u for hearing me out…

  2. Denise Masino Says:

    We work hard to bring high end production values to all of our shoots but whats most important is that we give our customers what they want. Your feedback has been noted bysweets, thank you for the support and for letting me know what you want to see. Best, Denise

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