South bound and up…

Author: Denise Masino
December 23, 2009

I got into Florida at noon yesterday, following my red-eye flight itinerary out of LAX on Sunday night and hit the hot tarmac running.  Loaded down with luggage and a long to do list,  it was off to the races on fumes for over 42 hours of prep, travel and Christmas shopping. Knowing that I would be non-stop once I arrive in South Florida, I wanted to sleep on the plain, but I just couldn’t.  Needless to say, when I finally fell asleep, I went down hard. When I finally got up today, it started all over again. Bottom line, I kissed my dad yesterday and got to hug my mom today. It’s great to be home. 

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  1. walsh22 Says:

    Hey, Denise my name is Brandon and I just joined your site. It is great and that guy that gets to go down on you in those clips is the luckiest man on the planet! I read that you reside in FL. I live in orlando, I moved down here from New Jersey 11 years ago. Other than being home with fam., do u have any other plans? U know u can always visit disney, universal, seaworld, and ice at gaylord palms. I went to ice, it’s pretty cool. It was my b day yesterday, the big 30.

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