Denise on her Camping Adventure

Author: Denise Masino
December 4, 2008

Denise’s Tent Denise’s new pet? Denise makes a creepy crawly discovery! Denise Camping
Now I already told you that tents make me horny and that I love nature and, that I had a great time camping during the Thanksgiving holiday. But what I haven’t filled you in on yet, are a couple of the other interesting details of the trip. For example, I froze my ass off the first couple of nights when the weather dropped into what I believe were the high 30 degree temperatures. Being a bodybuilder, with a body fat level that averages 10% year round, doesn’t exactly make me the best candidate for staying warm in cold temps. Anyway, a good fire and a hot body to rub on was all I needed to stay warm. And then there were the neighbors. Like the howling, screaming sounds of the packs of coyotes that sang for us one evening and the tarantula that was crossing the road I happened to be on. Can you imagine finding this furry sucker in your tent? Or your boot?! Now thats what I call an adventure with plenty to give thanks for.  xoxo Denise

2 Responses to “Denise on her Camping Adventure”

  1. kraka3 Says:

    Wow, even your everyday camping bra is freaking sexy. You really have it all, Denise! Sounds (and looks) like a great trip.

    Hey, I just heard an Internet rumor that you just shot your first boy/girl scene. Any truth to that? I said I doubted it, based on what you’ve said before, but thought I would ask the source. The people talking about the rumor were VERY excited, lol.


  2. rowen111 Says:

    Aloha Denise….

    How r u doing? Happy Holidays!! It’s me Robert, from Hawaii! U remember me and my wife Riza? We helped sponsor u over 2 guest pose at Dean’s show, The Hawaiian Classic. Dean lives in Las Vegas now with his family. I retired from the Navy and we are living in San Diego. Tell Robert “hello” also. Take care and pls keep in touch! Take care!


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