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xoxo Denise
September 18, 2013

My members webcam show takes place tomorrow at 4 pm Et/1 pm Pt (10 pm CET) – Come worship my female muscle sex toy, there is no better way to spend your Thursday. Click on my crotch to enter!
Now, what is it about this lemon that makes me want to put it in between my legs and squeeze all of it’s juice out?!
3 lemon

Pussy Pumping Video Posted

Author: Denise Masino
September 17, 2013

I just posted my newest pussy pumping video. It’s hard to believe that this cup can actually cover my labia the way that it does. After a few minutes it’s a tight fit but the sensation is wonderful and then I’m ready!
You can watch the video, rate it and even leave a comment too!

Denise Masino Movie Review

Author: Denise Masino
September 17, 2013

I watched the movie “World War Z” last night. I did not know this was a zombie movie, which is good because I probably would not have wanted to watch it had I known. I’m not a big fan of horror movies and I don’t get into the zombie thing much, but I’m glad I watched World War Z. It was a pretty good popcorn movie and didn’t have all of the usual goriness you see a lot of today.  I give this one a thumbs up!
world war z poster

Denise Masino – Ready Set Project

Author: Denise Masino
September 16, 2013

It’s been a busy 6 weeks with a few of my projects coming to an end and new ones starting up. And as they say (and I can attest), “The Devil is in the details”. I’m a real stickler for details and I really don’t like to mess around or leave things undone. And that means I am tweak, tweak, tweaking things so that they are exactly how I want them. Last week I was driving the contractors crazy with requests and this week the work continues. This week I start a whole new training routine as I ramp up for my next project. Look for my new sexy training pictures. And, just in case you missed them, here are a few free snap shots from my latest Denise Masino video and photo posts. Log in and check them out! www.denisemasino.com

My newest video post is live on my new member site and your job is to check out my chainmail and my strap-on – I know how much you love that– so Do It!
Also, my next live member webcam show and tell will be taking place on Thursday 9/12/2013 @ 9pm Et / 6 pm Pt. Maybe I’ll bring my 8 inches to the show for you. Log in and get on your knees www.denisemasino.com

Denise Masino In Chains

Denise Masino Re-Model

Author: Denise Masino
September 7, 2013

My new members area is live and at the moment I am putting it through its paces to make sure that everything is working perfectly. We are still doing upgrades and I am pushing my boys hard to get the job done right. Enjoy the new place, and please report any irregularities to me at support@denisemasino.com – Remember, the best is yet to come!
Denise Contractor DeniseContractor2

Today is the day that I re-launched my new and improved Denise Masino member’s area and I am Very, Very, Very excited about it. I’ve taken my members and fan comments and suggestions and added them to my wishlist. Your requests and my own love of milking you has shaped my new member experience and design.  New, Huge – in your face HD video, a new mega player, and tons of raw female muscle and big clit content will keep you drained for a long time to come. You see, my fans love strong women and I love making my fans weak and that makes us a great match. It’s the Denise Masino — Female Muscle Power Experience that you won’t find anywhere else – and that’s because connecting with my fans is what I love to do most. You will see some more changes in the days to come and in the mean time, don’t forget to meet me for my live member cam show today – 9/6/2013 at 9pm Et, 6pm Pt.

Denise Masino Projects
Dear Friends and Members,
I was forced to cancel and reschedule today’s member cam show due to delays related to a few of my current projects. Today’s cam show will take place on Saturday -Aug. 31 at 9pm Et, 6pm Pt. I am very sorry about the inconvenience this may have caused you…but I promise it will be worth the wait :)

Here is what I have going on and how it affects you. I have been working on a new tour and a new Denise Masino members area for my site for several months and we are only days away from making the change and launching the new and improved Denise Masino member website. I am very excited about continuing to share my love for female muscle erotica in this new, more interactive website experience. I have been sharing my work and my life with my fans for over 15 years and my excitement and connection with my members continues to inspire me to explore, create, grow and connect with you even more. I think you are going to REALLY LOVE the new Denise Masino experience.

I am also about to begin ramping up my second annual Miss Fits 4 Life, St Jude Warrior mud run team fundraiser. Last year I had a team of 18 people running with me and we raised $16,000 for St Jude Children’s Hospital. You helped us reach a rewarding milestone and this year I want to have a bigger team and I want to raise more money. I am inviting anyone interested in running with me to participate. If you are interested in getting muddy with me and my team let me know! :)
Either way, you will get lots of sexy hardcore training pictures.

Last but not least, my home improvement project is on the fast and messy track to being finished in the next few weeks and as soon as my new two-headed shower is ready, I’m going to have a party in it and you will get to watch me, live on cam getting dirty and getting clean!

Stay tuned for the official new site launch date and time.
Love and Gratitude

August 20, 2013

I’m live on webcam for my weekly members web cam show tomorrow night. I’m going to dig into my closet for some toys to play with so join me tomorrow night, August 21, 2013 at 9pm Et, 6pm Pt.
Oh, and I’ll tell you all about my weekend at the Fetish Con 2013 too!
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Denise Masino at Fetish Con 2013

Author: Denise Masino
August 19, 2013

I spent the weekend at this years Fetish Con weekend in Tampa and found myself surrounded by fetishist of all kinds. Pony players, rubber fetishes, bondage and suspension enthusiasts, cos-players, goddesses, mistresses and muscle fetishist too. It was a fun filled weekend with lots of sexy, interesting people and plenty of photo opportunities. Look for my Fetish Con photo gallery post in my members area this week.

Denise Masino at Fetish Con 2013

Denise Masino at Fetish Con 2013

DeniseMasinoFetConIMG_7223 DeniseMasinoFetConIMG_7382